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Customer questions & answers

Question:  Does it F11 have a USA standard plug in for power?
Answer:     Yes, We can supply a USA standard plug, every machine with come withthat.

Question: What is the stroke length FOR F11, how hard is it to adjust?
Answer:    The Stroke Lenth is about adjustable, appox: 1.18-5.1 inches (3cm~ 13cm), It's very easy to adjust the stroke length and angle, do not need any tools.

Question:  F11 Will it work with extra large dildos?
Answer:     Yes it will. I used it with a 12" very girthy . When it runs at full speed the stand will rock quite a bit and it can start to walk back. I stop that bu putting something heavy behind it. With normal sized toys, it can hold itself in place very well.

Question:  What is the torque on this item?
Answer:     The torque is approx:360N.cm, quite powerful.

Question:    Is there a warranty, and what's the ease of claiming warranty?
Answer:       We supply one year warranty about the machine, any damage of Parts and Components can contact with us to get help by service email

Question:    Instructions say to oil it after 3 months. What kind of oil do you recommend?
Answer:       "Any High-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease is ok, you can search the keywords :High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease on Amazon you can find what you want.
Mobil Polyrex EM Electric Motor Bearing Grease is Recommended "

Question:    what are the shipping package dimensions?
Answer:        Hi - the box I got was 22" long, 9.5" wide, and 10" high. Kinda heavy, but not awful. Great product, by the way. LOVE it!!!

Question:   Is shipping discreet?
Answer:      Yes, it will packed with brown box, also there is no any sensitive words on the lable:so you won't know what actully in side, unless you open it.

Question:   Is this machine Vac U Lock compatible?
Answer:      Ye, we sell adapter for Vac-u-lock accessory

Question:   Would this work on a carpeted surface or would it slide?
Answer:     This item has a nice weight,its own weight approx 15Lbs, so it can stand stably on a carpeted surface and won't slide

Question:   Can you tell me what the warranty is?
Answer:      We supply 1 Year warranty for the machine,and 2 years warranty for the motor

Question:   Where can I get extra attachments?
Answer:      you can purchase extra adapters and attachments that you need according the two websites below : http://lovemachinegun.com/c/premium-add-ons-0374

Question:   What do i need to buy for immediate use
Answer:      You don't need purchase extra attachment for immediate use, it come with a dildo

Question:    Does it come with remote controller?
Answer:      The Update Edition will come with 2 remote, and the chip intergrated in the speed controller box.

Question:    Instructions say to oil it after 3 months. What kind of oil do you recommend?
Answer:      Any High-Temp Wheel Bearing Grease is ok, you can search the keywords :High Temperature Wheel Bearing Grease on Amazon you can find what you want.Mobil Polyrex EM Electric Motor Bearing Grease is Recommended.

Question:    How do you oil the motor ?     
Answer:      The Motor don't need to be oiled, just oil the sliding rail every three month with Mechanical grease     

Question:    How do I get in contact with support?     
Answer:      Email address should be in the packaging and in your order/delivery emails.

Question:    Does this machine have a warranty? Or can one be purchased?
Answer:      Yes, fredorch Sex machine has one year warranty, if there is any quality problem please contact with the seller to get a replacement or refund.

Question:    How do you adjust the thrust length?
Answer:      just adjust the position of rocker arm , it is quiet easy, don't worry about that

Question:    How easy is it to take apart for storage?
Answer:       The same time you install it, as a skilled user, you may takes 2-3 minutes to take it apart for storage.

Question:   Is it safe to have all the moving parts out im the open like that?
Answer:      Yes,it is safe, usually we don't use it in high speed, and everything was under control.      

Question:    Once its assembled, can you still store it in the bag that comes with it?
Answer:        You will have to take it apart to store it in the bag

Question:   Power light just blinks
Answer:      it could be your controller I've heard of failures you may need to contact customer support and get a new speed control box. mines still banging away

Question:    does the motor have enough torque to overcome a lot of resistance force?
Answer:       You can stall the motor if you're going very slow but if you speeded up a very little bit it will not stall. Very easy to figure out but it works great.

Question:    What's the minimum and maximum RPM's?
Answer:       As slow as you want, and faster than any human can go in and out. The girl is about to replace me with it!

Question:   If shipped to Canada, what does it say on the customs paper?
Answer:      I think it would say something about health and wellness. I'm not sure but should match the category in which is listed. What are you worried about customs for? I'm sure you'll never meet the agent that checks it in. And I hope he doesn't steal it for his own girlfriend.

Question:    How do I adjust the stroke length?
Answer:      Just loosen the knob on the rod to adjust and tighten

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